Sit back, relax, we’ve got it handled.


Sit back, relax, we’ve got it handled.

Delivery Drives Us

At Hand2Hand, we are fans of packages and the people receiving and returning them, safely and efficiently.

Getting a package—whether it’s the latest electronic , a hot pair of shoes, or a new couch should be carefree and enjoyable. We aim to keep it that way, because delivery happiness shouldn’t end with a lost package, a crushed fragile item, or a box teasing you from inside a locked leasing office.
We’ve designed a solution that removes the package burden from property managers, fellow neighbors and even the family pet (yes, the family pet). H2H provides clients a delivery experience worthy of their excitement. That is, by bringing every package safely to its owner’s waiting hands. Package not what you expected? No problem! We return items via our package return services

What We Believe In