Hand-to-Hand package delivery and returns

Hand2Hand solution allows customers to control their delivery service on their terms and comfort, removing the hassle and uncertainly of package management entirely.

Currently Serving : Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Sunnyside, & Southgate

How Hand2Hand Works

Consider us your personal delivery experts. We accept all packages and deliver them straight to your door, at a time that’s most convenient to you. Psst..we do returns too!

Hand2Hand Receives

We accept and safely store your packages from any carrier at our handy facility.

Hand2Hand Notification

Customers will receive an instant notification whenever their package arrives at our handy facility.

Customers Schedule

Customer use our website to schedule a convenient delivery or pickup window, same-day or any day!

Hand2Hand Deliveries

We deliver packages on the clients’ chosen day & time, directly to their hands. Don’t forget we also handle your returns!

Our Membership

Here are our membership options. Please check them out.

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how it works

Case Study

How many times a day do you think about a package arriving damage free, on time, or most importantly-at all?! Unfortunately, over the past few years, package theft has increased significantly. Even when left in the secure areas of the home and apartment building. Doesn’t the idea of guaranteed packages just give you a sense of …peace? The anxiety will now be a thing of the past.

view case study https://capitaloneshopping.com/research/package-theft-statistics/#:~:text=Nationwide%20Package%20Theft%20Statistics&text=Over%2075%25%20of%20Americans%20have,over%2Dyear%20(YoY).


I am absolutely LOVING the H2H return service. H2H is making my life so much easier.

Matt, Portland, OR

You guys rock. I truly appreciate your service and hardwork!

Christopher, Portland, OR

Hand2Hand service has been nothing but short of excellent. I appreciate everything your company does on a daily basis.

Oscar, Milwaukie, OR